Why EFT?

Whether or not you tap within the confines of your home, with a group of friends or with an EFT Coach or Practitioner, here are a few effects that you may well experience:

EFT or tapping alleviates your need for approval from others and feeling as though you need to be perfect to be worthy, rather than feeling good enough.

EFT provides you with more realistic and attainable standards of performance and lessens your need to control everything and everyone.

EFT helps you identify when enough is enough rather than feeling like you should be doing more and more.

EFT allows for a greater sense of well-being, vibrancy, self-compassion, life enjoyment and ENERGY

EFT gives you permission to try new things without the fear of failure

EFT removes the weight of the world from your shoulders—and MUCH MORE!

If you want to understand how this can happen, please refer to my recently-published book, Is This All There Is? Living a Life Beyond Obligation, 2019 Friesen Press, available on Amazon.

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