Self-Acceptance Rather Than Self-Sabotage

Do you ever find that keeping up with this asinine notion (albeit on a sub-conscious level) that you need to be perfect to be acceptable, overly tiring?

Do you find that seeking approval from others is completely wearing you down? 

It’s incredible to think how much of our energy can go towards keeping up the image of the “well put together” us…that part that wants to feel deserving of respect and appreciation, regardless of what it is costing us in terms of sacrifice and hiding what we consider to be our less-than-desirable parts. This is energy that could be freed up for an experience of greater joy and well-being.

In my now-distant past, feelings of shame and inadequacy would plague me whenever I judged myself as being less than perfect, especially when I would fall into the comparison trap. Is it no wonder that I would at times try to feel the need to control situations so that I wouldn’t need to be exposed to circumstances that triggered this feeling of not being “good enough”.

This exaggerated need for self-acceptance and external approval has been a common theme in my own life. My personal struggle to feel worthy, to reject any perceived shortcomings and self-imposed limitations has led me onto the path of seeking emotional freedom and self-compassion. It has allowed me to rise above the vibration of shame derived from early life experiences and enjoy a liberating freedom that comes from accepting what is. Setting optimal but realistic standards for myself, while recognizing and accepting that my best in any given moment is OKAY, has lightened my perfectionist burden and created a space for greater joy, light and freedom. 

I really credit EFT, more widely known as tapping, for helping to relieve the pressure I put on myself to be perfect and has resulted in greater self-acceptance and joy. I highly recommend it!

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