Gearing up for Growth

With Spring’s arrival and tulips in bloom, like many, I always feel happier making my way out of winter hibernation.  My step becomes lighter, my smile more radiant and I basically become a friendlier version of myself when I pass people in the street. Sunshine and heat warm my heart and I feel more alive than ever. The best part is that I feel more hopeful about everything including myself, others, and the world. Perhaps the world isn’t as bleak as it seems now that the skies are no longer grey and dull.

For many of us in the Northern and Western hemispheres who experience the changing of the seasons, after a long winter, Spring can feel like an opportunity for a new beginning and new possibilities. It can be a time for road trips, connecting with friends and family we may not have ventured out to see during the cold and dreary months of winter. It can be a time to look ahead and to reengage in activities, events or friendships taking place outside of our four walls.

Isn’t it amazing how sunshine and nature’s re-emergence as evidenced by the sudden arrival of buds on the trees, the new bright green sprouts emerging out of the soil, the songs of the cardinals and the cacophony of Canada geese flying overhead feed the soul and fuel our sense of hope and possibility? The inner longing for new experiences, adventures, and relationships seems to gurgle up from the depths of our soul as though we intuitively want to put into question the ways of being that keep us mired in the same old, same old. Suddenly the familiar and restricted ways of how we choose to show up no longer feels comfortable nor desirable. We crave novel experiences that feed our soul and desire for growth.

Last weekend I attended a Jack Canfield and Patty Aubery event called Breakthrough to Success that was designed to challenge attendees to reach beyond their comfort zone and to envision what an expanded version of themselves might look and feel like. Setting goals and adopting life-enhancing habits to support those of us who are intentional about wanting something better for ourselves, bringing into our experience the manifestation of those strong urges that nudge us into action despite the self-doubt and skepticism.

In addition to the many tools introduced by Jack and Patty, EFT Tapping is yet another powerful tool that can help us move from where we find ourselves in our current reality to where we want to go by dismantling all of those deep-held beliefs that stop us dead in our tracks, unable to transition from the ‘here’ to the ’over there’.

If you are itching to create a different reality for yourself or to achieve a long-held goal, I urge you to tap your way into a future of growth and possibility rather than allow your limiting beliefs to keep you from taking the necessary action to move forward. We all need some kind of help to grow ourselves into the life we want and finding a supportive tribe to cheer you on is the way to go.  Couple that with some tapping and you’ll get to where you want to go faster than you might think.

How are you choosing to support your growth goals?

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